Robotics learning platform with artificial intelligence

Robotics and artificial intelligence are currently dominant topics that are presented in the media beyond professional circles. Smart home assistants, self-driving cars and “thinking” electronics are gradually entering our everyday lives and will support and relieve people in the future.

Robotics learning platform with artificial intelligence

Learn and apply AI & robotics

In order to enable interested people to get started, who in the future will focus on this area professionally or would like to take pleasure in technology in their private lives and would like to deal with the subject of AI and robotics, we have created a learning platform, which introduces the user theoretically and practically to the various disciplines in robotics such as control, pathfinding, image recognition and much more.

Our learning platform offers modular expandable robots for various applications, which are supplied as kits. The user will be introduced to the basics of mechanics and electrical engineering, equipped with extensive instructions, and then learn about all areas of robotics and artificial intelligence through our learning platform. The acquired knowledge is then put into practice by programming the robot with code examples and own extensions. The fully assembled and programmed robotic vehicle learns to explore its surroundings, recognize images and navigate independently.

Research and Development

In the field of robotics, our company is constantly researching and developing further in order to be able to offer an extensive product range in the near future – on the one hand further models in the field of learning platforms such as humanoid robots and drones, on the other hand professional applications for use in hard-to-reach areas or under harsh environmental conditions.