Image Recognition

Our company develops systems that use deep learning to independently learn to differentiate and classify images. For these machine learning systems, there are a wide variety of application areas such as the visual inspection of production parts, handwriting or face recognition.

Image Recognition at Organon Informationssysteme GmbH

The simulation of the impressive performance of biological nervous systems with the help of technical solutions, e.g. through the use of fast computer systems, is part of the research area of ​​computer science and artificial intelligence. The previous approaches to solving this outstanding task are essentially based on the results of research on nervous systems and especially on the central nervous system.

The biological nervous systems with neurons and synapses as well as the neural processes occurring in them provide the structural and functional templates for the construction of artificial neural networks. One of the areas of application that particularly benefit from innovations in the development of artificial neural networks (ANN) is image recognition.

Organon Informationssysteme GmbH uses the findings of this research area in a wide variety of application areas for image recognition, such as the visual inspection of production parts, in connection with handwriting or face recognition, and implements its solutions in existing IT systems.